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About Us

Background & Business Activities

Signal Engineering Concepts and Applications (SECA) International Railway Consultants (IRC) is an innovative company with over 70+ years of experience in the railroad industry, specializing in signal infrastructure upgrades, installations and repairs.  Our vast experience is what allows SECA  IRC to achieve safety, compliance, quality and dependability at affordable rates.  All of our field engineers are fully certified signalmen and qualified with the latest technologies.

SECA IRC believes in forming strategic partnerships with our clients.  Working with a client at multiple levels allows SECA IRC to reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs and to improve overall efficiencies.  SECA IRC is committed to providing the highest standard of safety.

By offering a full range of engineering services SECA IRC can offer our clients dynamic solutions to streamline their operations.  Please contact us today and allow SECA IRC to put our knowledge to work for you.


SECA IRC Company History

2002: Company founded.

Management Team

  •                        Delina Basore, President                                    Ken Basore, V. President     
  •                                                               Robert Moffitt, Manager
885 Arvita Court
Oceanside, CA 92057

(714) 720-9129
FAX (760) 757-1890
Bring us the challenge and SECA IRC will provide the best solution at the highest level of safety economically.
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