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Signal Engineering Concepts and Applications (SECA) International Railway Consultants (IRC) specializes in consulting on the development, integration, and operation of complex Railroad Signaling systems.  We offer complete solutions for all signal systems.

Our client base spans many areas of Heavy rail, Light rail, Street Car, Tram and Trolley.
SECA IRC has close alliances with International cutting edge technologies and equipment.

Consulting and Operations

Using SECA IRC designs or your design requirements we offer consulting, development, service and quality control of all of our products.
Signal Operations Our specialists are available for service and operations in all Railroad Signaling environments.
Support SECA IRC has competent, responsible technicians available to respond to your immediate needs.
Maintenance and Quality Control After consultation, design, implementation, and testing, we're at your side for all aspects of equipment maintenance and quality control.
Consulting and Design Our consultants provide field-tested analysis, assessment, and re-implementation of your equipment and its processes with modern up to date testing equipment.
As Built drawings and electronic data update Field drawings and electronic data update of all changes and layout support is available.
Let's make it happen!  Contact us  today to set up a complimentary consultation.
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Bring us the challenge and SECA IRC will provide the best solution at the highest level of safety economically.
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